Imagine This...

3 months from now you've made a huge impact with your Business & Life. What do you want that to be like? More clients? More money? More time? More organized? More of a stand out? More media coverage? People wanting to collaborate with you?

Prosperity is about Abundance with Health, Wealth and Opportunities

So what are you waiting for? Now is the right time....before another busy year takes off!

The Mission is Simple...

Let's get your Holistic Prosperity going!

In your virtual meeting, we will establish where you're at and where you want to go and the right pathway that will suit you.

You will also receive amazing tools to help you along the way including additional support from me.

If you're successful, I'm successful...and I like being successful. I'm not the sort of person who'll just put my hand out to be paid for my information and time, I really do want you to be successful.

And if I can build other Entrepreneurs to 6 & 7 figures businesses and even have helped one of them build a $15 Million dollar product in 10 months, then I can help you achieve your goals too.

You'll learn this 3-month program will get you on the right pathway and you'll start achieving more of your goals straight away!

Then hopefully, we can continue your journey together for a longer period of time.

A Winning Strategy

For a Limited Time you get a Business Bundle worth $2738 (with $1247 FREE as my gift to you!)

  • Prosperity Business Coaching Sessions

    6 Prosperity Business Coaching sessions (2 x 45 min sessions per month) total value $1491. Your Prosperity Business Coaching sessions cover everything you'll be wanting from a session with STRATEGIES, KNOWLEDGE & SKILL TRAINING, PROSPERITY MAPPING, and guidance with all your Free Bonuses! You get a whole lot more than what others provide, trust me, I've tested them myself, and because I'm a qualified Trainer Assessor YOU GET THE VERY BEST OF ALL OF IT!

  • Free Course

    Story Marketing For Maximum Results (valued @ $497) Story Marketing for Maximum Results is about attracting and engaging customers through story – their story, not yours. This course is extremely valuable for Entrepreneurs. And because it's on-demand you can watch it, read it, re-visit it over and over again. Get 22% extra marketing power of Story Marketing for your business growth while having fun!

  • Free Website Analysis

    Basic Analysis & Recommendations: for 1 website (valued @ $195) You want your website to speak your brand's message and have certain parts of it gaining you traction and conversions. Having a unbias eye who understands you is important to help you leverage yourself for success.

  • Free Social Media Analysis

    Basic Analysis & Recommendations: for 3 social media platforms (valued @ $195) There is something to be said for your Brand's message being represented on social media platforms the right way. Depending on your Avatar(s) will depend on how you apply the right method in the right way. Grab this leverageable opportunity now while it's free!

  • Free Marketing & Advertising Recommendations

    Basic Marketing & Advertising Recommendations: for 1 business (valued @ $195) Depending on your Avatar(s) and your Brand will depend on what you need to do with your Marketing & Advertising. They are both different yet work together. And considering that Marketing can be 50-80% of your business, then you'll be wanting to get expert advice on this.

  • Free Media Kit Template

    Template: Media Kit & Recommendations (valued @ $57) This is becoming more and more important. You want to be ready when someone might say to you "hey, I'd like to interview you" and certainly when you want to apply for media coverage. Having it ready and looking professional will set you apart from the rest. Select from several templates and get guidance on how to present it.

  • Free Business Plan Template

    Template: Business Plan (valued @ $27) You don't have to have a big business plan, at least have the important stuff written down. Why? Because it will help guide you when things get hectic, confusing or too many options. Everything should go into it, that way you'll achieve your goals quicker. Your ROI (return on your investment of time, money and effort) will be well rewarded! It will even help you attract additional funding if you want it to.

  • Free Marketing Plan Template

    Template: Marketing Plan (valued @ $27) A very important plan to fill in, at least the main parts. It will save you time and money. You'll be so focussed that you'll get through all your marketing tasks quicker and you'll be organized more so you'll know what you can then take on.

  • Free SWOT Template

    Template: SWOT (valued @ $27) This tool is typically used for your business, and it can be used for yourself both personally and professionally. You can then use it for anyone you employ. It's a powerful tool to help you get better in your business, stand out from the crowd, and to grow.

  • Free SWOT Tutorial

    Video Tutorial: for SWOT (valued @ $27) I show you not only how to use this tool in a traditional way but also in a creative way to get more leverage. When you're already doing something good, leverage it more and 10x it!

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Let's Talk Together!

If you prefer, click on the button now to book yourself a time for a "Discovery Call" and find out how I can be of service to you. I work all sorts of hours, so find a time that suits you...

Get in now! Your $1,247 FREE Bonus Offer will only run for the next couple of weeks!

My mission is to turn 2021 into a Prosperous year for as many Entrepreneurs as I can.

2020 was challenging, and 2021 has been very interesting, to say the least. It had it's highs and lows. There were some silver linings, however, a lot Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners felt it badly.

Because I have the skills, knowledge and experience in developing people and turning businesses around, it's my job to step up to the plate and help you more.

More time, more effort, and more results.

Being Prosperous is about THRIVING in a holistic way with all the facets of your life.

And because I'm a Prosperity Entrepreneur Trainer it's my job to help you achieve it.


“Thank you so much for helping me with my social media learning Sonia. You’re such an inspiration with your ideas and enthusiasm. ”


“I learned a lot from Sonia. She is so knowledgeable and inspirational I felt I want to become like her.”


“Sonia is an amazing wealth of information and really knows her stuff. I find her to be incredibly passionate about helping others which reflects in her communication with you! Thanks Sonia! - Pip.”

“Thanks for your strategic advice. I’ve been able to grow my sales and definitely my self-confidence with business steps. ”


“Thank you for all your help. I know I can always rely on you to steer me in the right direction. You’re so knowledgable, and I’ve been able to achieve some great goals. ”


“Thank you for helping to work out what I should be focussing on with my talents and business. I feel confident in building it more now and how to approach customers. ”


Leverage The Remainder 2021 Now!

We have entered the Innovation Era, so let's turn the rest of your 2021 into a fabulous one.


Your Quality Guarantee means you are provided business soft skills training, empowerment tools and action plans that are proven methods to achieve your goals and are the best world-wide high-quality standard.

It is my intention to ensure you are happy with your training, coaching and mentoring as I am a highly qualified Trainer Assessor.

Every effort is put in to ensure you learning style is catered for so you can achieve the success we agree on.

Due to the nature of the IP content, a refund will not be provided, unless we agree upon termination prior to starting your package.

Therefore every attempt will be made to provide you the support required to ensure your happiness. (And I've never had to refund anyone anyway, so rest assured).


  • Will this work for me?

    Yes. If you’re frustrated in your business, feeling lost with what to do and how to do things and your business isn’t really thriving, then you need a clear pathway and professional assistance so you don't waste time, money and effort! I’m passionate enough to want to help you achieve great results. Why? Because you help build our economy and communities. I’ve done the school of “Hard Knocks” in business and wished someone could have given me better guidance. I’ve done the informal courses and not received the nuts and bolts. I’ve also done the formal training where I really needed help, guidance, and to know how to use the information. That’s why I’ve brought all the best elements together. I want to help you be the best you can be, professionally and personally! You’d be surprised at how I can help you help yourself… I got 29 years of experience in getting people to achieve!

  • How much time do I need for this?

    You don't need to commit to a lot of time, however, it all depends on how fast you want success and your diligence to be guided to see things through. The sessions are 2 lots of 30 mins per month and then you get additional support and tools via videos and templates. Plus you get a Free Course which you can watch on-demand

  • How fast will I get results?

    That depends. I am unable to guarantee your results for legal reasons – I can’t predict what you will and won’t do with your learnings and resources. I can say though – over my past 29 years of training and coaching over 3000 owners and staff I have had many success stories. I even have students still reaching out to me 8 years after I’ve trained them in the Diploma of Business for continued support because they know where they get great advice and help. In general, it is not uncommon for you to get results in your first month, however by the third month you can really start to see differences. There are many variables but it certainly comes down to effort and consistency.

  • How long will I have access to all the resources?


  • How do the payments work?

    You are billed monthly for $497. You will have access to all FREE resources as soon as possible, so that's $1,247 to reinvest back into your business.

Don't Miss Out On Your $1,247 of Bonuses!

Get Them Now & Get Empowered

For a Limited Time, this whole bundle is worth $2738. That's 3 months of Business Coaching, Training, Strategizing + 7 FREE Bonuses!

Let's Bring 2021 To A Fabulous Clos1 for You & Your Loved Ones!


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