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You will be empowered and learn the art of PRODUCTIVITY with this Summit to achieve success in your business right now and into the near future.

Why will this Summit help you? Because I've worked hard on bringing you leverage! I've sourced exemplary leaders in their fields to give you their time, advice, strategies, tips and tools for free to help you NOW. 

Now, more than ever, we need to pull together to help as many Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to be successful. Because you build communities and the micro-economy. So we need you to be successful!

This Summit may be finished with its live free delivery, but right now you can have the recordings forever for a very small investment. Every business needs tools to leverage it to be successful. 

And because I've learned the hard way, I want to help you not repeat the hard lessons I learned but be successful quickly because we all need to turn 2021 into a fabulous year! around!

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Learn how to get seriously organized and achieve your goals right now in business and even your personal life!

22 Global Expert Entrepreneurs bring you their tips, strategies, techniques and tools + lots of FREE Giveaways! All to help you be successful.

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Stand on the shoulders of giants and make your life successful by design!

Your Expert Speakers...

Find out how they achieved success and how you can too.

  • Calvin Wayman - Speaker & Author
  • Janet Zaretsky - Executive Coach
  • Dani Schnakenberg - Business System Strategist
  • Natasha Zuvela - Brand Transformation Expert
  • Elyse Archer - Personal Brand Strategist
  • Janella Purcell - Naturopathic Physician
  • Deborah Harris - CFO Expert
  • Brittany Long - Work At Home Life
  • Krystan Samaniego - Wellness & Mindset Coach
  • Giovanni Dienstmann - Meditation Teacher & Speaker
  • Jelena Ostrovaska - Social Media Marketing Coach
  • Ann Marie-Sabath -  Author (The Book Whisperer™)
  • Nat Kringoudis - Natural Fertility Expert
  • Tina Tower - Laptop Lifestyle Coach
  • Melissa LeMay - The Canva Ninjar
  • Kimberly Olson - The Goal Digger Gal
  • David Davies - CEO of AgUnity
  • Dani Kenny - Business & Life Coach
  • Catherine Ord - Spiritual & Creative Mentor
  • Karen McCullough - Speaker
  • Nasyim Segal - Neuro-Transformational Leadership Coach
  • Kristiana Tarnuzzer - Social Impact


“I thought it was great! One of the biggest take-aways I had was consistency over intensity. As a former dog trainer, I always told my clients this when working with their pups, but never applied it to my personal life!”

Grace F

“Thank you Sonia for participating in the example for the Cake Method regarding your weight loss goals. You heard the uneasiness in your voice while speaking about your goal and know it was not easy especially since many people will listen to the episode. I was happy to see in the summary section of the episode that you have already lost some weight. A big Kudos to you. Good variety of speakers”

Tee G.

“SWIM like a shark. This gave a new perspective to me.”

Jamila N.

Now Only $27! (valued at over $2,900)

This video series is like 22 mini-courses. Think of it like I've bought you 22 dinners of 3 course meals with Experts!

  • 22 high-quality videos of 22 interviews
  • Each interview gives you between 45 mins to 1 hour's worth of valuable content
  • Each Speaker gives you content that they provide in their courses
  • Each Speaker also provides you with valuable free giveaways worth more than $2,900!
  • I picked their brains and got them all to do a deep-dive on some of their processes, just for you!
  • This information is great for now and in years to come!
  • Seriously, why on earth would you pass up this opportunity?
  • This content is valuable for any business in any industry and at any stage!!!

Sonia Clark


Having built a 15 Million dollar new prototype product in 10 months, head-hunted for various business ventures, trained 8, 7 & 6 figures Business Owners and their staff, and am a co-founder of a streaming TV network, you could say I enjoy a challenge, thrive with innovation, and love to further develop people and businesses for success while paying-it-forward. I have over 27 years of experience in training, coaching, teaching, and mentoring more than 3000 Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Staff across various industries both for-profit and not-for-profit, leveraging their prosperity, business growth, and leadership for the future. I now provide Entre-Leadership courses and shows for Entrepreneurs wanting to be successful leaders for themselves, their business, their clients, their industry, and their loved ones, via website.


  • How will I be able to access the videos?

    You'll be able to access them here. You'll receive your details in an email you registered with. You can always reach out to us at

  • How long will I have access to the 22 videos?

    You get lifetime access!

  • What if I lose the registration details and email with the details?

    You can always reach out to me and I'll forward you your details. Reach out via email at

  • What if I can't use my computer or phone to watch the videos?

    I'll find another way in which you can access and watch the videos! They are your purchase, so I'll make sure you get them!

  • Can I share the videos with other people?

    You can point them in the right direction and share this link: The Copyright© law and IP law associated with the Speakers states that once you have made a purchase it's a once-off licence of use for you only, so you can not share this content nor re-distribute it.

  • Why so much for so cheap?

    Because I only work with inspiring Leader who like to "pay-it-forward". That's my ethos. I believe in not only paying it forward but to empower people, you the Entrepreneur, who build our communities and economy. We rely on you. So if I can help you...I will.

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