Entre-Leadership embedded programs for Entrepreneurs

Having trained over 3000 Business Owners & Staff, built a 15 Million prototype product in 10 months, head-hunted for various business ventures, host a Podcast Show interviewing Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs, Co-Authored Amazon's #1 Best-selling book for Entrepreneurs, and donate to communities - you could say I enjoy a challenge, thrive with innovation and love to further develop people and businesses for success while paying-it-forward.

Vision, Mission & Values

My Vision is to be a Philanthropist Entrepreneur joining forces with other like-minded Entrepreneurs to build positive futures for society and the planet. My Mission is to empower Entrepreneurs and Businesses Owners and encourage everyone to pay-it-forward which helps our economies, animals and earth. **10% of profits from all sales is donated not-for-profit organisations on a rotational sequence.

The Formal Stuff

Entrepreneur Education Specialist - Business Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Educator, Mentor - Corporate Trainer; Professional Development (PD) in Soft Skills - Qualified Trainer Assessor for certificates III to Advanced Diploma in: Business, Management, HR, and Marketing - MBA in: Entrepreneurial Management, Business Diplomas in: Business, Management, Salon Management, Certificate IV in: TAE (Training & Assessing) Leadership & Management, Competitive Systems & Practices - PCM (Process Communication Model) Level 1 - Mental Health First Aid